UX Design & Research


Every day I try out something new whether it be javascript, css3 or html5 . Actually, i've been known to try and learn unity 3d and other gaming platforms , but those take a bit longer and i'm still learning them. Bac to the point. I am obsessed with this thing called front end development and I'm like a kid in a candy store, greedily gobbling up all the tutorial goodies out there.

Nice Description of what UX encompasse and what it doesn't

I recently had a talk with a woman who is an accomplished UX designer and researcher. After going over my resume and my interestest and where my talents lay, she told me that I was a UX Architect and that term set off a bell of "ding d-Ohh, so that's what its called " Its the best parts of what I love about UX all rolled up into a nice little term and visual if you consider the arthitect of a building. That is what UX research /architect does. They build the foundation for the rest of aproject. You need someone tha thas done the research to develop the best practices for that particular design. You lay out the information in a way that best enables the user to interact with it. Once you are done with that, it is passed on to the contractor or in our world the skilled artisan that handles visual design. and interaction design. Each one of our different niches in the big world of UX/UI is separate yet connected in the ecosystem that builds the interfaces that the public touches.