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Every day I try out something new whether it be javascript, css3 or html5 . Actually, i've been known to try and learn unity 3d and other gaming platforms , but those take a bit longer and i'm still learning them. Bac to the point. I am obsessed with this thing called front end development and I'm like a kid in a candy store, greedily gobbling up all the tutorial goodies out there.

When You Start To Climb Out of The Valley of Despair

Some of us that have tried to cram tons of coding knowledge into our brains in a few short weeks of a boot camp leave the safety of the classroom and end up on our behinds, wondering what the hell we actually learned. I know I was one of those people! Definitely not ready to darken the door ways of anyone's hr department.   I was still trying to figure out CSS for gods sake, and a lot of people just shook their heads and figured I'd go back to the safety of my world of nursing. 

I"m the type of girl that has a problem throwing the towel in. Especially, when it involved my parents generously giving me the astronomical fee for the boot camp.  Not to be undone, I signed up for another program dealing with UX that I absolutely  love. I love all things UX , I breath user advocacy, but I also don't like giving up because something seems to be to hard. 

So, I began sitting down and seriously concentrating on learning javascript. I found a program called FreeCodeCamp. Now, after spending tons of cash on programming boot camps, I wasn't exactly sure what I could expect from some free online thing. What I found is the doorway to comprehension that I hadn't had before. Something about the way its structured and the progression of demanding assignments started my synapses firing, and things started to make sense.

Do I think its just because of Free Code Camp? probably not. but somehow, someway, by not throwing in the towel, a year later I"m creating logic games like Simon and building geo location tracking applications made for   Alzheimer's patients and building a behavioral modification medication reconciliation and reminder application.   I no longer leave project behind mid way through because things don't work. I"m starting to learn the errors  and where exactly to look for the mistake to correct them so things pop to life on my screen. I"m starting to see my imagination explode onto the monitor and for the first time today, I can say...I had fun! 

I had fun coding! 

My brain is finally making those connections and I"m starting to get the patterns and the logic and its because I walked through the "valley of despair" and am starting to climb out on the other side.

And I'm addicted.