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Every day I try out something new whether it be javascript, css3 or html5 . Actually, i've been known to try and learn unity 3d and other gaming platforms , but those take a bit longer and i'm still learning them. Bac to the point. I am obsessed with this thing called front end development and I'm like a kid in a candy store, greedily gobbling up all the tutorial goodies out there.

Javascript: The Funny Parts


So, after the success of my attempts at SQL humor (SQL was working in a restaurant, and went up to a table and asked "Hey can I join you?".....wait for it..wait for it...rimshot! Thanks try the fish!) I stumbled up on this little gem. Its interactive so open up your javascript console in the developer tool bar and follow along

what do you get wiht this {} + {}

what do you get with this  Array(16).join('wat')

Great! Now what do you think we'll get with this? Array(16).join("wat") + 1 

And now for the punch line:

Array(16).join("wat" - 1 ) + "  BATMAN!"


I can't take credit for this, it is off of some recording that was playin on a Harvard CS video I wa watching but it till makes me chortle.d

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