UX Design & Research


Every day I try out something new whether it be javascript, css3 or html5 . Actually, i've been known to try and learn unity 3d and other gaming platforms , but those take a bit longer and i'm still learning them. Bac to the point. I am obsessed with this thing called front end development and I'm like a kid in a candy store, greedily gobbling up all the tutorial goodies out there.

AJAX and the API

Ajax and callback s in general are annoyingly frustrating to me. I just can't get the syntax. I got headfirst ajax, I can teach a master class on the HTTP request response cycle, and what TCP does...but I can't get the syntax down for ajax. Until I came up with a bizarre method, which has served me well. I love food and cooking it. I love food and cooking it so much , I can memorize a recipe in mere seconds. So, I started thinking of my javascript components, algorithms and ajax requests as recipes in a big cookbook. I even wrote them down on recipe cards until I had them down cold.

Bizarre, maybe, but hey they write big books called "cookbooks" for all the other languages, I thought I'd keep the theme going.

Try it out, its different enough it just might work for you.