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Inspired By Material Design

It's not my favorite thing, but now that I have gone deeper into the intricacies of material design. I can see the beauty in it..

While it is still not my most favorite design view,I found that after I delved deeper into the google material design documentation and I started to understand the philosophy behind the design,  I can see the beauty in it..

Quick Sketch of User Journey

After coloring outside of the lines wiht the material design color palette generator, I had to real back in and reevaluate the branding and the message. Yes, one version of material design is all about the bright bold blues and pinks, yellows and reds but there is the other version that is much more muted. After performing A/B testing, the palette below is what I settled on. The style guide worked to make life so much easier when creating all the mockups that I was going to use in the prototype(you can see an interactive version below.)