UX Design & Research


Mobile Application helping workers find convenient places for food and quiet locations to eat it at.

Final Screens

Final Screens

High Fidelity screens used for user interaction testing.

The Process of Brainstorming

The Process of Brainstorming

Trying to figure out the best way to begin the flow of the application and the pros and cons of each step. 

Field Interviews and Focus Groups

Answer: Ask the people going to use the application.

This was revised several times after each group of user interviews that were conducted. 

We conducted a total of three group interviews and 10 one on one interviews. 

The focus of the questions revolved around lunch.  The amount of time it took for food , frustrations with finding lunch spots and places outside of the office to eat were the major pain points reiterated by all participants.

Who Is Our User?

Who Is Our User?

After conducting user interviews with the average office worker that would utilize this serviced, we had to establish our other use case which was the actual food trucks and their buy ins into all of this. 

I once again performed one on one interviews, often times impromptu while I was getting myself something to eat at a food truck and began a friendly dialogue with the regular trucks. 

After talking with the operators and getting input from others who had insight into the food and beverage niche this falls into, I was able to come up with a portrait of what the food truck operator would look like and what their pain points were compated to the office worker.



Interviewing stakeholders to ensure that the end user needs were in congruence with the business goals. A simple needs assessment  was done from all the data that had been collected during the interviews with 

(the initial working name for the app was paycrave which was ultimately tabled for TruckSpot)

Before and After

Before and After

After testing the initial design with users, I made changes to the color palatte, cleaned up the screen to allow for much more white space to assist in clarity.